NHLers are human too, let's honor them for their battle off the ice.

Alex Ovechkin: his mentor & brother, Sergei died when he was ten.

Phil Kessel: overcame testicular cancer

Taylor Pyatt: his fiance died in an accident

Kris Letang: overcame a stroke and losing his best friend Luc Bourdon

Jordin Tootoo: his brother committed suicide

Matt Stajan: buried his newborn child

Rich Peverley: suffered a heart related trauma.

thank you very much polygodess for tagging me, so i gotta answer all 11 questions, think of 11 questions and tag 11 people to answer them

1. what is your favourite season? hockey obviously but summer

2. introvert or extrovert? extrovert

3. do you believe in aliens? not like concretely in aliens but i think that we are not alone,i mean i believe that somewhere in the space there is some other civilization similar to ours

4. what is the biggest thing you want to do in your life? to have a good education and start a family

5. are you happy? quite yes :D

6. what music do you listen to? i have no specific genre but eg arctic monkeys,lana del rey,bruno mars,also some kind os rap and hip hop

7. apple or android? android

8. are currently in love? nope

9. rain or sunshine? sunshine

10. do you have any idea what job you want to have? not really

11. are you religious? yea,i mean i was raised lutheran and i believe in God but i am not like going to church every sunday or so

my questions to you:

  1. how would you name your daugher and son?
  2. what is your favorite dog breed?
  3. adidas or nike?
  4. favorite actor?
  5. what do you think of Kardashian-Jenner family?
  6. Do you eat fastfood often?
  7. Favorite latte flavor?
  8. What color is a tshirt you are currently wearing?
  9. favorite scent?
  10. What is your dream place to visit someday?
  11. Can you think of the craziest thing that ever happened to you?

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